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The cherry heritage

The cherry heritage

In Denmark we have a long and proud tradition of producing cherry liquor. From early times, most farms produced their own liquor from fruitjuice, sugar and alcohol, fruitwine or cherrywine, which could be a mixture of wine and cherry juice.

We enjoyed the cherry liquor in Denmark, but our predecessors also made sure that the taste of the Danish cherry made its mark on drinks menus around the world. The Danish cherry liquor has been an indispensable ingredient in cocktails like the Singapore Sling among others.

For a number of years, the popularity of liquors and wine made from fruit berries faded, as other wines took over.

All this changed on a single afternoon almost two decades ago, when Harald Krabbe, the owner of the Frederiksdal Estate, showed a curious journalist and wine enthusiast the plantation.

This meeting kicked off a wine revolution in Lolland, and the Frederiksdal Cherry Wine was born.

The Stevns cherry has optimal growth conditions in this part of the world, but it needed a revival. A new standard for cherry wine and liquor was overdue and many more people deserved to taste this particular berry full of acidity and sugar and with an intense and complex flavour.

The goal was to breathe new life into the cherry wine production so the Stevns cherry with its’ unique quality, intensity and complex tasting notes could finally enjoy the gastronomical attention it deserves.

Frederiksdal cherry wines