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Trees for the Future

Trees for the Future

There are many ways in which to be a farmer, a fruitgrower or a winegrower. Some will prioritise efficiency and quantity above taste and biodiversity. It is a choice that one must make.

On Frederiksdal Estate we have made that choice.

We want to plant trees, that will enable us to safeguard the amazing nature and biodiversity. Even though we grow crops and the land is our business, it is our ambition that the land we pass on to our children and grand-children will be just as healthy or even more so, than it was when we took over.

What we wish to do most of all is to produce wine that tastes like as though the fruit was poured directly into the bottle.

We aim to preserve the taste of the Lolland terroir and the Danish Stevns cherry and keep it as authentic as we possibly can. We do this by interfering as little as possible and still give the trees the best imaginable growth conditions – by tending them and giving them light and air.

We would like to create oasis for animals and insects in the plantations. The bees live in the plantations, feed on the nectar from the cherry blossoms and spoil us with the most delicious honey. The flowers and the wild herbs grow along the rows of cherry trees and create a living space for birds and insects and ultimately also fertilize the plantation and keep the trees healthy.

We wish to open our doors, be inviting and help to increase the mutual understanding and respect between farmers and consumers. We have been given the privilege of managing our common earth and we take this responsibility very seriously.

Frederiksdal is like an old tree with deep roots but also with lots of green buds, that will hopefully propel us into the future.

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