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Harald Krabbe

The people behind the cherries

It was a random meeting between Jan, Morten and Harald, who laid the seeds for Frederiksdal Cherry Wine. A chance meeting that, in addition to friendship, has also developed into a common passion for producing Danish raw materials of the highest quality.

Jan Friis-Mikkelsen and Morten Brink-Iwersen, together with Harald Krabbe, are the founders of Frederiksdal Kirsebærvin.

Jan is known and recognized for always focusing on the highest quality ingredients - whether it is gastronomy or the production of cherry wines. Among other things, he has received an honorary award from the Danish Academy of Gastronomy for "Raising Danish Food Culture". Jan has many years of experience as a chef, restaurateur and owner of the critically acclaimed restaurant Tinggården. And has over time shared his vast knowledge of gastronomy in various TV shows and as the author of several cookbooks.

Morten has an exceptional knowledge of wines both technically, historically and when it comes to the importance of terroir, climate and production methods for the wines. Morten's enormous expertise in wines comes partly from the south of France, where he lived and worked on vineyards in Languedoc-Roussillon for a number of years, and partly from many years of professional work with wines as a journalist, wine reviewer, organizer and participant in TV broadcasts about wines, as the author of a wine book, wine tastings, lectures and a very special commitment to spread the knowledge of the unique Danish Stevns cherry.

From the first meeting between Jan, Morten and Harald and as the production and projects have developed, the staff around Frederiksdal has naturally grown.

The three founders continue to make up the development team. Well helped along the way by dedicated employees with different competencies and backgrounds but with shared values and ambitions to produce the world's best cherry wine.

Harald Krabbe
Harald Krabbe
CEO & Founder of Frederiksdal Kirsebærvin

Harald has never been in doubt that he would be a farmer. Nor has he ever been in doubt that he would cultivate the land in a way so that he could leave it to the next generations in better condition than when he took it over.

Before Harald took over Frederiksdal Estate in 2000, he worked i.a. with agriculture in Africa and really got his eyes open to what the climate means for our common and limited resources.

Therefore, one of Harald's great ambitions is to show the world that you can cultivate the land responsibly and at the same time create a healthy economic business - of course based on good taste.

Harald calls it, the slow farming.

Jonas Tofterup MW
Jonas Tofterup MW

Jonas is Denmark's only Master of Wine ever - worldwide, less than 500 people have been able to adorn themselves with that title. The education is the absolute toughest in the wine world.

In addition to being a winemaker in Frederiksdal, Jonas produces wine in Spain, where he also teaches at wine schools when he does not travel around the world to advise on wines and wine production.

Christian Hellesøe
Christian Hellesøe
Operations Manager

Christian makes sure that the cherry trees at Frederiksdal are well, that they develop as they should without harming nature.

Good wine is made in the field, so Christian's most important task is to ensure that the orchards are grown properly and sustainably. It is Christian who keeps an eye on the trees throughout the year and plans pruning, harvesting and care.

In addition to the cherry trees, Christian is the operations manager at Agrifos, which is the agricultural collaboration of which Frederiksdal with its more than 400 ha is a part.

Conny Rasmussen
Conny Rasmussen

Conny has many years of store experience and an enormous amount of local knowledge, both of which are used in the store in the Winery. Here she advises on the individual wines and provides inspiration for what the many guests in the Winery should see when they visit Lolland.

In addition, Conny makes sure that the orders are packed and sent well - often with a personal greeting.

When guests come to Frederiksdal from both home and abroad, it is Conny who with a sure hand ensures that all details and practical chores are in place, so that Frederiksdal's guests get the best possible experience.

Inge Fisker
Inge Fisker
Sales and marketing manager

Inge is responsible for sales in the Danish market - both for stores, companies and private customers. In addition, she is responsible for Frederiksdal's communication and marketing on the various platforms.

With many years of experience as a journalist, communications and customer manager in private and public companies as well as political organizations, Inge has extensive experience and a solid foundation in relation to strategic and targeted communication. As a former marketing director, Inge also knows everything about the importance of good customer relations and efficient customer service.

It is also Inge who makes sure that the many stories about Frederiksdal come to life and reach the many who are interested in Frederiksdal's cherry universe.

Kim Staal
Kim Staal
Sales and logistics manager

Kim has the longest seniority at Frederiksdal. It gives him an incredible insight into both the history, the development of the company and not least the creation of the various wines.

It is Kim who makes sure that all materials are in place when the wine is bottled - both bottles, labels and packaging, but also various analyzes, certificates and approvals.

In addition to sales and tours of the many guests who visit Frederiksdal, Kim takes care of the logistics when the wine is to be exported to the whole world.

Lise Hovmand
Lise Hovmand
Warehouse manager

Lise takes care of the wine in Frederiksdal. In close collaboration with the winemaker, it is Lise who follows the wine's development and keeps an eye on the wine having optimal development conditions, so the result is world-class Danish wine.

It is Lise who has the overview of the contents of the individual dishes and tanks and also the many activities in the Winery - both when harvesting and bottling.

Just as she makes sure the warehouse is filled up, that the wine is packed securely and shipped around to customers all over the world.

Mette Rix Krabbe
Mette Rix Krabbe
Brand manager

Mettes has many years of experience as a director in the theater and television industry as well as a communications consultant for both public and private companies.

At Frederiksdal, it is especially the strategic staging and branding that is in focus. Here, Mette guarantees that the visual expression and the products appear as a unified and strong brand.

Mette's heart is burning to strengthen local cooperation and the many initiatives, all of which work passionately to put Lolland's history, gastronomy and nature even more clearly on the map.

Anne Grete Bøgh
Anne Grete Bøgh
CFO - Financial Manager

Anne Grete is responsible for the daily bookkeeping and finances at Frederiksdal. And has a background as a finance manager and advisor for a large number of large and small companies.

At Frederiksdal, Anne Grete keeps a sharp eye on the economic development and the megatrends both nationally and internationally that can have an impact on the company's development and markets.

An important part of the job is therefore to find the most efficient and profitable ways to ensure that Frederiksdal Cherry Wine can sell and deliver Danish quality wine to the whole world.

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