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It begins in the field

It begins in the field

The climate around Frederiksdal is ideal for growing Stevns cherries. The South Western tip of the island of Lolland is the driest and among the most sunny places in all of Denmark. On top of this, the soil on Lolland is known to be among the best and the richest in the country.

Frederiksdal with its’ five plantations are placed high and close to the Langelandsbæltet, where the rays of the sun are reflected in the sea, further boosting the light for the trees. It is like the Garden of Eden for cherry trees.

Great wine begins in the field, so it is imperative that the cherry trees have optimal conditions for growing. This has to do with both the climate and the terroir, but the ideal amount of light and air for each individual tree will also ensure its’ healthy development.

The Frederiksdal trees are planted with much more space between them than normal. This is done to ensure that each tree gets enough light and air. In this way it is also possible to prevent fungal infections, and to create a healthy foundation for the development of wild yeast.

The trees are pruned, so the light can penetrate to the innermost branches. This helps ensure that all berries develop at the same pace and grow to be more uniform and thus make for more homogenous wine.


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