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Quality Over Quantity

Quality Over Quantity

The cherry trees on Frederiksdal bloom with the most beautiful white flowers in the beginning of May. The trees are pollinated and the development of the berry starts. The cherries are self-pollinating and the quicker the pollination takes place, the more uniformly the berries develop. The first weeks, where the berry starts to grow, are critical – particularly if there is a late bout of frost, which can ruin the berries.

The cherries grow throughout the summer, and this is when both quality and sugar content develops depending on the weather. A sunny summer will result in lots of sugar in the berry.

The cherries are harvested at the end of August, when they start to dry up just a little bit, so they almost look like raisins. This of course affets the quantity, because part of the juice from the berry is allowed to evaporate. However, it has a very positive influence on the quality, because the taste of the berry will be more concentrated.

The cherries are harvested by a machine, that will briefly shake the trees. The berries fall down on a sheet and are then placed in boxes which are immediately taken the short distance to the Winery, where the vinification process will begin.

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