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The grape of the North

The grape of the North

There are sweet cherries and there are sour cherries. The sweet cherries are those we enjoy in the summer. They are only suitable for eating because they contain a relatively high water content and are low on sugar.

The sour cherry, on the other hand, is not ideal for eating but perfect for making wine, juice, sauce and for making jam.

The Stevns cherry is the backbone of the production of Frederiksdal and it has a high sugar- and acid content. This adds a complexity and depth to its’ taste making it eminently suitable for the production of wine and liquor.

The Danish Stevns Cherry – also called Grape of the North – is known and renowned all over the world for its’ high quality. No other place can match the growth conditions along the coastline of Sourthern Denmark. The Danish climate allows for the berries to mature slowly, adding more depth and taste to the cherry. The cool nights develop the acidity and the light of the long summer days enhance the sugar content of the berry.

The Stevns Cherry is both smaller and darker than sweet cherries and is also harvested later. On Frederiksdal the berries are harvested by machine in late August.

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