A taste experience

A taste experience

Frederiksdal want to be the best in the world at producing wine from cherries, but ambitions reach further than that.

We want to create an entirely new world of taste.

It is one thing producing a quality wine that no one has ever made before and which does not compare with any other wine. Another is to help people understand what food to pair the wine with and how to enjoy the drink.

The taste experience is a combination of the dark red colour you see in the glass, the correct temperature, the intense aroma of cherries and the right kind of food to accompany the wine. When all this comes together, an extraordinary taste experience awaits. A taste which will make you pause and reflect.

We will open the doors and invite you into this world.

The wine must be produced with respect for nature

Good wine start in the soil, and the trees need tending and looking after in order to develop into healthy trees. We aim take great care of our nature so we can leave it to future generations in the same or even better condition than before. And our purpose with the wine is to add a completely new dimension to the gastronomical world.

We will plant new trees and we will conserve both plants, animals and insects. It all rhymes with our focus on great taste and superior produce.

The Earth Belongs to Everyone

As farmer or winegrower we only borrow the land. We use the soil to produce both our daily bread and the rare gastronomical experiences. We supply food for the meals we share with family and friends.

This is a serious responsibility.

The great taste experience is enhanced by knowing where the products originate and how they are processed. This is why we will open our doors and share the story of our products as we believe that understanding the processes will build trust and also keep us committed to keep making the best cherry wine in the world.

Simply but, we want to make an effort every step of the way from the first seedlings of the cherry tree to the finished bottle of wine on the table.

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